Camping, American Style

            Tent sleeping in the moonlight, the smell of campfire at 8 am, braving out thunderstorms while exposed to the elements; this is the joy we call camping. It’s my favorite summer activity; I am even willing to forgive the massive laundry created by outdoor living, quite a testament I can tell you. We headed out fully loaded with snacks and supplies, ready for what Mother Nature had in store. This year I conquered a popular pinterest post, assisted as my hubbie grilled our dinner to the ever nearing rumbles of thunder, finishing up just in the nick of time to eat under the easy-up while the skies opened and washed the hot and humid air away, and put a twist on a fireside must have, pudgie pies. It was camp-tastic!

A cast iron griddle pan makes breakfast a breeze!

Pinterest Bacon Pancakes:
Ok, confession time.  I used a ready mix for my camping pancakes.  Traveling with eggs in the cooler is possible, and I have done from scratch pancakes with style in nature before, I just took the easy way out this year.  I did make sure to buy an organic product though with limited ingredients to stay as close as possible to what I normally use.
So I’ve been seeing this idea  floating around pinterest for awhile.  Bacon strips cooked right into pancakes? How cool is that?!  Well after serving the boys up a batch of deliciousness we all agree, it was a pretty neat and easy
way to eat our pancakes and have our bacon too.

Using cooked bacon strips, pour pancake batter right over. Wait for the magic bubbles to appear, flip and cook until golden. Serve with syrup and accept the applause!

Yay Pancakes!

Pudgie Pies:
What is a pudgie pie you ask?  Basically a filled, grilled sandwich cooked in the fire using this cool cast iron tool.

The pies of my childhood were all about one thing, pizza!  Pepperoni pizza is still the most popular with our friends and family, but since I live life sans tomatoes I decided to experiment a little.  My thoughts went to spinach artichoke dip and how I could make my snack taste like a chain restaurant while roughing it.

To make a pudgie pie you approach it like you are making a grilled cheese.  Butter the outside of two pieces of bread and place them into a greased pie iron.  Add filling of your choice, toast in fire flipping at least once.  It’s fun and tasty!

Pizza Pie Making

Spinach Artichoke Spread:
1 package frozen chopped spinach
1 can artichoke hearts in water
1 cup fresh parmesan cheese

Combine all ingredients in food processor.  Mix until smooth.

I used shredded swiss cheese as my glue and sure enough it tasted just like eating the popular dip.  This would also make an excellent grilled sandwich at home in the fry pan!

Do you love to camp also?  I’d love to hear about your outdoor food adventure!

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  1. What a great pudgie pie idea….artichoke dip! We usually do pizza or pie filling. I will definitely give this a try – whenever the fire ban out west is lifted 😦 Thanks for sharing.

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