Welcome to Jennirific Land!  Here we juggle the chaos daily life tosses our way and fight to liberate our dinner tables from the chemicals and preservatives flooding our grocery stores shelves; all while wearing an apron and a smile.
I’m Jen Ahern, your Commander in Chef.  I trained at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and acquired a wealth of knowledge in the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts program.  I have always been intrigued by what people choose to eat and what the food they were eating was really made of.  While holding positions in the food industry from lowly runner to manager;  I was afforded the opportunity to work with wide varieties of food, see how the inner gears of restaurants and catering machines crank out plates and meals, and felt the thrill of a packed house hungry with a flawless service delivering.    Now I aim to utilize my culinary skill set to seek food minimalism.  Though a meal on the town is a nice treat, reality is that most of the meals we ingest as a society are tainted.  Over processing has led to home cabinets and freezers bursting with “healthy” options that contain very little actual nutrition.  By simplifying our ingredients and honing basic skills we can get a real meal on the table and entice our family and friends to do the same. 

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  1. I’m with you, sister! I stock my freezer with ice packs and coffee beans. I cook fresh, unprocessed, organic food whenever I can. My kids tease me about this, but one day they’ll thank me—(right?). 😉

    • They have to thank us, they just have to! LOL
      At the very least, hopefully they will cook real food and pass it on to the grandkids. It’s one of our most important heritages, cooking 🙂

      • Hee hee and and glass of red!
        Yes, I absolutely agree that cooking is one of our most importantat heratiges. (I’m posting all about that, too! 😉 )
        I look forward to reading and trying out your recipes.

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